Friday, June 08, 2007

Essays for Honors Class

This essay will be a real essay and should contain introductory and concluding paragraphs, a clear thesis statement, and supports from the text. For the essay only, you may also use a 3 x 5 notecard on which you handwrote some notes/outlines for your essay. You will hand this card to me at the beginning of the final so that I can approve it. You will get this card back only once you have completed the other 3 secitons of the test and submitted them to me or another proctor.

  1. Find a topic that both יחזקאל and ירמיהו deal with. What are the similarities between the two prophesies? What are the differences? Present one approach that helps explain some of these differences.
  2. What was ירמיהו’s mission as a נביא? What did he do in order to try to achieve this goal? Was he successful? What do you think he could have done differently to be more successful?
  3. One the one hand, we cannot fully understand any נבואה without understanding its historical context. On the other hand, the message the נביא relays is timeless. Pick oneפרק of נביאים אחרונים that we did not see in class, and explain both how we need to know the historical context in order to understand it and how the message is timeless
  4. One of the issues a נביא always has to deal with is the question ofhis legitimacy. Is he a true נביא or a נביא שקר. For any two נביאים we studied this year discuss how they encountered this problem and how they dealt with it. Give concrete examples from the text.